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The aesthetics of evil

האסתטיקה של הרוע

‏Wars, terrorism and poverty have become routine in our world and the human race has become indifferent to the suffering of the other. The intensity of the negative experiences leads us to consume reality shows that reflect human stupor, and with it the evil turns into a colorful, brilliant and destructive set. The greater the intensity of the horrors thus the encounter with the harming reality becomes blurred and apathy increase.

‏This series of paintings investigates and presents the drama and leaves it in front of a broken trough.These paintings are contemplations of human evil and fabricated innocence. The images float in black void and showing the innocent look aside the disingenuous look. Emotional detachment, disregard and indifference in the face of human evil and the violence embodied in the weapons. The string of difficult contexts that accompanies the deadly machines disappears and silenced in the black void and what remains are brilliant, beautiful, attractive images – this is the aesthetics of evil.

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